Barb's Fabric Creations

Bag Lady Doll Plastic Recycle Bag Holder

How many bags will fit into a Bag Lady?

Over 50 depending on the size of the bags

What size are the Bag Ladies?

The Bag Lady measures approximately 19” long from the top of her bonnet to the edge of her dress when she is not full of plastic bags. The dress is made from 45” material, so as you stuff her dress with bags, the cuter she looks.

What materials are used to make a Bag Lady?

The Bag Lady has a cotton body and tea dyed muslin hands and face. Her nose is a furniture button, her face is hand painted, and she has curly hair sticking out from under her bonnet. 

Do the Bag Ladies sit or hang?

She can sit or hang. There is an 'O' ring sewn on her back for hanging purposes.


How do you get the bags into the skirt?

The bags are placed and dispensed through the elastic opening in the bottom of her dress. 

I don't see a bag lady that will go with my kitchen colors. Would you make a custom one for me?

Absolutely! Just go to the contact page and let me know what you would like! I will be happy to work with you!

Depending on the material cost, there may be an extra charge.

Are the Bag Ladies washable?

Due the the faces being painted, spot cleaning is recommended.


How big are the pot holders?

The Pot Holders measure approximately 7 inches x 7 inches.

What are the pot holders made from?

The pot holders are made from cotton material, batting, and quilted ironing board fabric.

Are the Pot Holders washable?

Yes, they are made of cotton material, batting, and the quilted ironing board material.
They will need touched up with an iron.

Why was Barb's Fabric Creations started?


  • I love working with fabric: just knowing that my creations are enjoyed by others brings a smile to my face.

  • This is a hobby.

  • All Bag Ladies and Pot Holders are made by hand (or sewing machine), one item at a time.



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